In short, you are better off with some other idea or wait for laws to be revised.

@rajeshwar is spot on. Selling alcohol aka liquor online is a serious legal challenge not just in India but also in developed nations such as US. In India, you’d need to obtain a license from state and local authorities to sell alcohol in shops. There is no one central department that issues these licenses for all of India similar to national permit you’d find for buses and trucks/lorries. So, the licenses are needed in every state where you operate. Even then, logistics is a challenge as several state & local laws prohibit and make it illegal to buy, sell or transport of alcohol in manner other than prescribed in the law. It gets even more trickier as several payment gateways, online payment processors ban selling such goods online. Of course, you have the COD option in India but you have host of other issues mentioned earlier you’d have to deal with first. While some might be tempted to make use of loopholes in the legal system by way of partnering with licensed shops directly and acting just as a marketplace, it is best to consult with a legal expert and be prepared to face several challenges.