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Date(s) - Mon, Jun 15, 2015 - Tue, Jun 30, 2015
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Team is very excited to announce this 15 day Launch celebrations. The heart is in the mouth and butterflies are in the stomach and despite these strange things (that we had only read about and imagined but never experienced) we are all set to take our first step and announce our Launch Celebrations on We are sure you can imagine what kind of celebrations a bootstrapped Startup can have but hey we are taking a go at it.

We would love to bore you to death with how we have come up with this fantastic idea that can be a saviour for the Startup community and solve world hunger in the same order but , sigh, we have no such claims to make. We have created this online Directory that brings Startups, Mentors, Service Providers and Talent  / job seekers on the same page. We believe that Startup are really anonymous and could do with some help where they are easier to be discovered and should not have to yell, holler and visit investors and multiple events just to get noticed. This is where Startup pages come in. The listing is not free for  anybody. It’s a bit costly we were told since the Quarterly listing costs Rs.300 and the Annual Listing costs Rs.600. That’s a lot of money even for a boot strapped Startup but then we thought that if it’s going to cost Rs.1.65 per day to list on Startupages, it was a small price to pay to be visible in an ecosystem which will be the go-to place soon for Investors, Corporates, Mentors, Service Providers, Talent.

Anyways back to the event. So, we do not want you to come anywhere or spend money on commute. This is a virtual celebration. We have already told you the prices are rockbottom so we do not have a budget for this event however if you choose to register for this event , before it gets over, we promise to give you a 100 Rs coupon so that the Listing price for a Quarterly  Silver Package, with 3 listings, drops from Rs.300 to Rs. 200 and for an Annual Platinum Package ,with 5 listings, drops from Rs.600 to Rs.500.

Please register for this event so that we could send you the coupon code. To make it easy, could you please share the email ID which you will use to register on Startupages so that we can link your coupon to email id.

Please list your Startup today and if you are a Mentor or Service Provider or Job Seeker do not hesitate to announce your existence and enthusiasm to work with Startups. Now, please Submit a Listing, already. Launch Celebrations

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