Tech for non-tech cofounders

An event for startup enthusiasts and non-tech cofounders interested in technology.

Innovators, disruptors are everywhere and all around us – not just in few exclusive and elusive silicon valleys of the world. Building a thriving startuphub would mean being inclusive by bringing together everyone in the startup community.

Startups are not just about building a product but more about ideators, creators and strategists coming together to turn a startup into a successful business. Not everyone who has an idea also understands the actual business problem and the technology to solve it. It is true the other way around as well with technologists and business experts.

In reality, there are several startups with founders who lacked one of these skills and yet went on to become super successful. AirBnB, Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Groupon, Instagram, Linkedin, Oracle, Pinterest, Snapchat, Yammer, Zynga are just some in this category. So, worry not if you’re someone with big ideas but lacking skills in execution. Know that you still can succeed.

What you need is the determination and willingness to learn rocket science or whatever skills are needed to realize your idea.

In our attempt to help build open and inclusive startup hubs, we’ve come together with other players in Hyderabad’s startup ecosystem to educate and enrich the community in our own little way. The first in this series is an event for those interested in getting to know all about cloud based technologies (SaaS/PaaS) and various available options for today’s startups. Rather than being clueless on the tech front, it always helps to understand the basics to make better decisions.

You can find Details of the event and RSVP @

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