India’s largest startup conference in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is known for its world famous biryani and pearls. Besides the rich food and valuables, the city is also known for its history & hospitality. This HITEC and cosmopolitan city is now rapidly attracting startup talent to evolve into a startup hub.

To promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and nurture this growing trend, events and initiatives are being spearheaded by startup enthusiasts from the city and supported by several local organizations. Augustfest which is into its 3rd edition has fast grown into an event to reckon with and below is a guest post about this event.

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The city of Nizams, Hyderabad is gearing up to celebrate the art of entrepreneurship, with more than 4000 amazing entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, filmmakers, designers and speakers in a scintillating two day conference i.e., India’s Largest Start-up Conference, which is to be held in the month of August at a location on par with previous venues – ISB (Indian School of Business) & HICC (Hyderabad International Convention Centre Novotel).

Among the speakers are stalwarts like Ms.VaniKola, an early investor in SnapDeal who earlier built many Billion dollar global businesses; Hugh Mason, who co-founded Asia’s best accelerator and built a portfolio of 60 Million dollars; Anurag Rao, who disrupted the Music Business in India when he was at MTV early on and now a Guitarist and Co-founder of Farhan Live Band (obvious who the other co-founder is) accompanied by 200+ investors and best of the best entrepreneur minds as well.

In a two day fest starting August 29, phenomenal Start-up enthusiasts will discuss alternative funding models, the start-up scenario in today’s corporate world and the role of incubators and accelerators in driving entrepreneurship. There will be mind-bogglingly clutching events on entrepreneurship, arts design, crawls and many more including showcasing of products, apps, gadgets, architecture, movies and designs.
Participation of start-ups in the fest will act as an enormous asset to them as it co-opts something new with the startup, accelerators and incubators community, giving them plethora of shots to explore connections, strong network and of course new amigos! Altogether it is going to be the most enthralling event post summer for startups and the kind.

As it is rightly said – “Networking is the sure-shot way to find and collaborate with real talent”, participation in the event may lead to outcomes that may not, ordinarily, occur. So gear up to witness the year’s most awaited festival!

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