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The best of innovation from 2012

Collage on sources of the stories
Year 2012 in Innovation
Collage on sources of the stories

The decade 2010- 20 has been declared as the “Decade of Innovations” by the President of India. What does it mean to entrepreneurs? Does it means that now there is a lot more support from the Government for innovation in terms of funds, property rights protection, laboratories, customer outreach and other institutional support? Yes indeed. For starters, have a look at the Report to the People 2012 published by the National Innovation Council. It highlights various initiatives outlined at centre and state level to encourage and support grassroots level of innovation.

While government has a role to play in building the necessary institutional mechanisms, it’s equally important that sociological changes keep pace with these investments. If, as a society we don’t encourage venturing, how good will economic incentives be? Remember, society lags economics! A change in mindset can muster finances to bring about an economic change, a phenomenon popularly known as ‘frugal innovation’, but it’s seldom that satisfaction breeds innovation.

With an intent of influencing your mindset towards why, what and how of innovation, let me present to you the ‘Year 2012 in Innovation‘. It’s a humble attempt to share best of innovation, creativity, and design from around the world with an intent of inspiring insights and encouragement for the budding entrepreneurs. These are 120 handpicked stories, and surely you would find something useful here.

So read at leisure and write back. You can also access the archives on innovation: Best of 2011, Best of 2010 and Best of 2009.

Looking forward to together making this decade indeed the decade of innovations for India.

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Pavan Soni

Research Fellow at IIM Bangalore
Researching in the area of Corporate Strategy and Policy, and has research interest in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

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