Make 2013 memorable and profitable – Advice and Predictions from the Visionaries

Bye bye 2012.

While most of us take time for granted, it waits for none. No one can own it. Time is money. We spend both. While money can be earned again, the same is not true with time.

But you can have complete control on how and where to spend both time and money.

Waste it, you lose it forever and the time spent becomes immemorable. Spend it wisely, you make it memorable.

Listed below is some advice (and predictions) from Visionaries to help startups make 2013 a productive, profitable and a memorable year. Hear from the wise and make yours memorable.

I promise, there is no long Series-A crunch BS in here. 😉

Startups in 2013 – Advice and Predictions from the Visionaries


“Focus hard on the most important things for your business. That could be revenues but may not be. That could be user traction but may not be.

Deliver on your promises. Not just to your investors but also to your team and ultimately to yourself. This is no time to be in denial. That is a lethal attribute in times like these.” _Fred Wilson_

“Recognize that your expense plan will be linked to your promises. Tighten the time frame – do what a lot of successful companies have done in the past. Rather than having an annual 2013 plan, have (half yearly plans) a 1H13 and 2H13 plan (1st half and 2nd half of 2013).

Lag your headcount growth behind what you need by a quarter, running “hot” on all fronts as you try to get the growth you expect. Hire only when this growth materializes. Then, replan 2H13 and 1H14 at the end of 1H13.

“Make sure you know exactly how much money your existing investors have reserved for you and are willing to fund you in 2013 independent of any new outside investors. Don’t ever be in a position where you need a new outside investor to continue operating your business.

Operate under the hypothesis that 2013 will be harder for startups than 2012.” _Brad Feld_

“Understand your customers and finding simple, cost-effective & well designed ways to serve them. Early stage funding is now becoming harder to obtain, and customers are becoming more and more selective. The “viability” in a minimum viable product is now harder to achieve.” _Neil Blumenthal_

“There will be many more companies started by college students and recent graduates. Students are eager to build businesses, rather than getting corporate work experience first. Startups are the new Goldman Sachs.” _Nora Abousteit_

“Entrepreneurs should not be short-term thinkers as creating a company is really hard, and it almost always takes a long time. Sure, there are occasional short-term success stories—companies founded two years ago that get bought for $1 billion, but these are rarities.

If you are an entrepreneur and following a trend, you are too late. You want to be creating the trend that other people are following. And then you need to work your butt off to stay ahead of them every single day, for a very long time, through many product cycles and multiple trends.” _Brad Feld_

“The great consumer Internet phenomenon that saw thousands of companies receive venture financing is over. 2013 will be the year of reckoning. We will see no less than 1000 startups go out of business.

There will be more consumer applications and sites like Pinterest and Instagram that seem to come out of nowhere. But those will be an exception coming from independent developers building stuff they want to exist but not from the venture-backed lingo slingers (startups) that contaminate the entrepreneurial well (startup ecoystem).” _Michael Lazerow_

“Accelerators will de-accelerate in 2013.
More funding for enterprise startups and less funding for startups aimed at consumers.
Cash crunch in 2013 will fix the talent crunch.
Pension funds will offset the VC crunch.
First wave of entrepreneurs in new startup eco-systems will fail but may turnaround in the their next attempt.
Big data will not prove big.” _Paul Kedrosky_

“2013 will be an year of consolidation and fewer IPOs” _National Venture Capital Association_

So, there you go. You heard it all from the visionaries.

But we believe everyone is a visionary in their own right. So, do you have an opinion on – Indian Startups to watch in 2013 or the Trends which will have the most impact on Indian startups in 2013? Share it.


Here’s to a memorable 2013.

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