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I believe every sincere effort has its worth. I mentioned the very same to Vinamra Sangal (@vinamrasangal) of Maayra during our conversations. But as I sat down to write a prelude which I generally do for every startup’s journey, often from my own experiences, I couldn’t think of anything better this time than this quote.

[blockquote cite=”Barack Obama, 44th and current President of the United States”]Making your mark on the world is hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. But it’s not. It takes patience, it takes commitment, and it comes with plenty of failure along the way. The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won’t. It’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere.[/blockquote]

Vinamra Sangal’s journey reflects many of these qualities; patience, commitment & perseverance in leading Maayra as it makes its mark on the world, all the way from Meerut. His journey also goes on to show that in this day and age, you do not have to be physically located in Silicon Valley or Bangalore to run a successful startup. As startup hubs come together and with resources in many of these communities being more visible and accessible, any place can virtually become a startuphub for startups to thrive.

[alert variation=”alert-info”][icons icon=”icon-attach” color=”#dd3333″ size=”18″]Guest post by Vinamra Sangal (@vinamrasangal) as part of Startups in announcements[/alert] [hero heading=”Vinamra Sangal, Maayra Jewellery”]Many people questioned my decision of leaving metros like Mumbai and Delhi, and starting a business in Meerut.

Maayra Jewellery

Ultimately it is all about love.

Love makes you do strange things, things that are unconventional at times. But this love is different. After being the school topper in Class X and XII board exams and after getting an MBA from one of India’s top-10 colleges, what will a youngster in Meerut do to find a good high-paying corporate job? I did exactly what everyone around me suggested – Leave Meerut behind.

Everyone just said – “There are not many avenues in Meerut”. During the MBA’s placement week, I got one of the best-paid jobs in the college. I joined the Corporate office of ICICI Bank, Mumbai. Once I left for Mumbai, it seemed there was absolutely no way out for me to return to Meerut, my birthplace that I left in 2002, But I wasn’t going to let this happen because I believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s wisdom – “Be the change that you want to see in this world”.

When someone comes from the land of warriors, one needs to behave like one as well. The equation was pretty simple for me. If there is no company that I should work in Meerut, then I’ll build it. If there are no good avenues for employment in Meerut, then I’ll create them. Simple.

To follow my ambitions, in 2011, I quit my managerial job at ICICI Bank and launched – Maayra. Today, Maayra is one of the fastest growing online brands of Fashion Jewellery in India. Currently, E-commerce is the most sought-after business sector in India, and Maayra has been able to forge successful partnerships with the biggest companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, PayTM and 20 other major brands.

Some facts about Maayra today – Nationally,
[lists style=”check”]

  • Brand Partnerships and tie-ups with over 20 domestic online portals, including Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal & PayTM – Most by any fashion jewellery brand
  • 5/5 rating. Rated “Star seller” by Snapdeal – Highest rating across all categories
  • 4.3/5 rating on Flipkart – Highest rating in Fashion Jewellery category, even Flipkart’s WS Retail has the same rating
  • Over 2000 jewellery unique designs on offer – One of the largest jewellery brand catalog online

[lists style=”check”]

  • 100% positive feedback by global buyers on and Etsy
  • Rated ‘Power Seller’ by International customers at Ebay global
  • Customers spread over North America, Europe, South East Asia and Russia

All this has been achieved from Maayra’s office in Ganga Nagar, Meerut. Be it Jammu in the North or Chennai in the south of India, to far-flung places in Russia, Greece and USA, customers in every corner of the globe are catered to from Ganga Nagar. As Maayra is growing, so is the employee strength, growing from 1 to 15 employees in only an year.

Many people questioned my decision of leaving metros like Mumbai and Delhi, and starting a business in Meerut. I believe there are a lot of positives about Meerut – developing infrastructure, vibrant community, proximity to NCR, cost advantages amongst others. But, apart from my love for this city, the biggest positive about Meerut is the immensely hard-working employees I have seen in the past 1 year. Ultimately, there is only thing that is needed for companies to run – employees who take ownership and work as if it is their own company. Individuals in Meerut have the hunger to succeed and do well in their lives. Each employee in Maayra is doing very well and most importantly has a very good heart. Also, it is high time Meerut is brought on the map of India Inc. Meerut is known for the revolt of 1857 and for producing the likes of Kailash Kher and cricketers Praveen and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar. But how many know Meerut to be the base of a major global company.

Adds Gaurav Kumar, “I have worked in several companies in Meerut before joining Maayra. I was apprehensive of joining a startup. However, one year down the line, I am happy I took this opportunity and the contribution I have made to Maayra’s growth”.

But this is just the beginning. Maayra has big growth plans and Meerut is going to be at the centre of all this activity. Times are changing very fast, and more and more people are shopping online in India and worldwide. It is now possible to sell your products from a single location to customers sitting anywhere in the world, and Maayra has latched onto this opportunity. I hope Maayra realises the vision it has for itself, and makes Meerut proud.

You can take me out of Meerut, but you just cannot take Meerut out of me. The love affair continues.

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May Maayra make Meerut proud.

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