5 lessons from the successful IPO of India’s most expensive movie, Baahubali

Directed by Koduri Srisaila Sri Rajamouli, popularly known as S. S. Rajamouli, Baahubali is the most expensive film ever made in the history of Indian cinema with a budget of 160 crore rupees (~USD 25 million). The IPO (or rather debut) of the movie today has exceeded expectations and is poised to become the biggest hit in 100 years of Indian films. The epic movie will help SS Rajamouli be recognized as the movie maker who has set new high standards in movie making.
[hero heading=”Baahubali – The Beginning” tagline=”The commitment and perseverance shown by every single individual tied to this project is exemplary.”][/hero]

However, just as it is the case with startups, all this success didn’t come overnight. The success has been in making for more than 3 years. The team behind this epic made several personal sacrifices for it to see the light of the day. The lead actor, Prabhas Raju Uppalapati risked his career and dedicated himself to doing just this single movie over the last couple of years. The commitment and perseverance shown by every single individual tied to this project is exemplary. What they did was no less entrepreneurial than what one would see in startup entrepreneurs. So, here are a few takeaways from Baahubali.

Dream big

First, the easiest part. When you want to make a mark for yourself, start by dreaming big. Have a grand vision.

Plan to succeed

You can plan all you want but also remember that things don’t go as planned. So, don’t despair.

Learn to collaborate

Not all battles can be fought alone. Collaboration is the key to winning. Baahubali is one man’s vision but it had a great team behind. They collaborated with AMD for the VFX, Karan Johar, the biggest presenter to take the movie pan India and many others.

Project confidence

Massive projects take a toll on the best of the best. They drain everyone and everything, be it the energy or resources. But it is very important for the leader to always project excitement and motivate the team by showing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Execution is everything

Having a vision doesn’t suffice. It needs hard work to turn into grand execution. Dreams matter but doers matter more. Dream big, do big.

and here is a bonus –

Be Humble


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