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LAUNCH is incredible. It seems way too good but believe me, it is every bit true. I can say so because I experienced it. Here is why I think so.

Jason Calacanis, the man who needs no introduction and his team at LAUNCH have been putting together a phenomenal conference festival called LAUNCH for startups since 2007. By the way, the first three were called TechCrunch50.

Ever since it started, LAUNCH has been the most affordable launch platform for startups in US and from around the world. In fact, it is the only event where thousands of bootstrapped startup entrepreneurs can attend for free, thanks to the several sponsors and other individuals who purchase premium VIP passes for additional perks. All this has made Jason Calacanis, a Robinhood of sorts for startups who otherwise cannot afford such high quality events.

Starting last December (2014), Jason came up with an equally alluring incubation program for startups. The program which runs on the lines of Y Combinator model is now accepting applications. So, go ahead and launch your dreams.

(Please post your announcements, press releases or other requests directly to appropriate exchange forum)
(If you are an amazing Indian startup founder or enabler of startup eco-system in India and would like to be interviewed or featured on then I’d be happy to talk to you. Contact me right away.)

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