Get “The Art of The Start” for free – Autographed by Guy Kawasaki

Does the title of this post look familiar?

It would if you had been following Startups since 2005. An year or so after launched, a contest ran on the 22nd of December in 2006 over at which had the same title as this post.

The giveaways in that contest were copies of a book which by all accounts was and still is a must-read for anyone planning to startup. It was not just any book but original signed copies of “Art of the Start” – signed by none other than its author, the legendary Guy Kawasaki.

Art of the Start – by Guy Kawasaki

As strange as it might sound, after 6 years, I’ve found few more signed copies of that book today which co-incidentally happens to be 22nd of December, 2012. Exactly after 6 years!!!

Anyhow, enough with my nostalgic memories and here is the deal now. As mentioned, I still have few more of these books and would like to get into the holiday spirit by giving them away…through a contest.

While I started off the post by thinking I’d copy/paste the same contest rules from 6 years before, I think that’s no fun. Right?

So, we have new rules. Back in those days, Facebook and Twitter were new borns and I didn’t really make good use of them for such contests. Since those seem to be the rage now, here are three very simple contest rules which make use of the social media.

1. Follow Startups on Twitter
2. Like Startups on Facebook
3. Join Startups & get active to raise your valuation

The contest ends on 26th Jan ’13 at 11:59 P.M IST and the top three members (with the highest valuation) from within the Startups’ Network will receive the giveaways.

Without a saying, admins/moderators etc., would of course be excluded from the contest.

..and yeah, I’ll copy/paste one thing from that 6 year old contest – “..books will be shipped to the winners anywhere in the world at our expense. It’s absolutely free for you as we said earlier. You’d not have to pay for anything.”

While that is all to it, here are some links related to an earlier contest if any of you still want to travel back in time to experience the nostalgia. 🙂

1. Get “The Art of The Start” for free – Autographed by Guy Kawasaki
2. … and the winners are
3. An interesting Entrepreneurship contest on
4. A contest entry – Technology startup location India – Bangalore or Delhi
5. A blog post by Himanshu about the contest
6. Another winning entry – Nuances of starting a venture
7. Yet another entry – Challenges of becoming first time entrepreneur when being in India and an approach to overcome it

Happy contesting & Happy Holidays!

Update: Added must-watch videos of Guy Kawasaki

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