Rise and Shine India(ns)

I’m an Indian though I’m a non-resident. I could be a happy Indian especially with the historical gains in the dollar rate and for me being so far away from the 5 star problem my motherland is facing.

But in reality, I’m not. I’m troubled with everything wrong that has happened and is still happening even after gaining Independence.

However, all is not lost. India’s future is young and a miracle might be possible. To keep the pride alive and remind the value of the Indian brand, two young Indians launched

The India inspired apparel company strives to promote the pride of being an Indian amongst its youth.

BTW, here is an interesting tidbit on this startup which goes on to prove that startup costs have drastically declined over the last decade.

The India Brand Team

While Gunupati Venkata Keshav Reddy, a GVK scion and one of the founders of The Indian Brand can afford to pump in millions of dollars into the startup, all he needed to get this startup going was under USD 10000.

So, go entrepreneurial. Don’t wait for that big check from investors and yes please help India shine. You and I can do it.

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