Introducing Food2Home, a venture started by three IIM Ahmedabad graduates of the class of 2009 is a B2C website that allows people to buy things from local businesses, for delivery to their homes in minutes or hours instead of days.

Their  initial market is delivery of food to homes from restaurants in Ahmedabad. The URL for the service is (which reads “food to home in ahmedabad“). Users can browse restaurant menus and place orders which are then relayed to the outlets responsible for preparing and delivering it.

They already have partnerships with over 40 outlets at the moment and are adding more on a daily basis. In addition, they have a call center and an order tracking system to ensure excellent service levels. is currently planning expansion to other cities and services as well.

Something that the founders believe to be unique about their venture is the user interface of – which  according to them is blazing fast and looks great. You can search for your favorite dishes, find a restaurant serving your area, register and place your order in seconds. Driving this interface is a JSP server interacting with the browser via Web 2.0 (AJAX) technologies.

Beneath the slick interface is a very powerful engine that uses detailed geographic information to pinpoint the location of users and identify the restaurants that will serve them, as well as a deep search feature that allows users to find restaurants by a particular dish or cuisine they serve.

Founders Profile: was started by three IIM Ahmedabad graduates of the class of 2009, Aravind R. S., Dhiren Makhija and Nirmesh Mehta.

Aravind joined IIM directly after his undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering from IIT Kharagpur, while Nirmesh worked for tech startup Webaroo for two years after completing his degree in computer science from IIT Bombay. Dhiren is an electronics engineer from Bangalore, and prior to joining IIM he worked for four years in corporate sales and channel management for Airtel and Sify.

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