Appszito wants to revolutionize mobile app search

Every startup needs a convincing story to sell its customer value proposition. In other words, Entrepreneurs need to be great storytellers. A great story line helps a startup communicate its vision and value proposition in a clear and crisp way.

Entrepreneurs need a compelling story when presenting an idea to its target audience – be it an investor, a colleague or customer and explain to them why and how can they benefit from the service or product a startup has to offer.

Every successful entrepreneur we have seen had a great story to tell. For example, Steve Jobs when launching the iPhone had one line story on his slide which was repeated all during the presentation. It simply said “Apple reinvents the phone”. Simple but compelling story.

The story helped Apple sell close to 85 million iPhones in less than 5 years since its launch in 2007 and pave way to make it the most valuable company in the world. So, stories sell.

iPhone has revolutionized the way a phone is used and perceived. Phones have become smarter, thanks to mobile apps. It seems a phone’s smartness is now determined by the quality of apps that run on it. But how does one find quality apps?

Mobile App Search Engine

Now, an Indian startup called Appszito wants to revolutionize exactly that. It wants to reinvent mobile app search and they have a story to sell. In short, they want to succeed where Apple and other smart phone vendors failed.

Apple’s app store, Google play, Windows Phone app store or other mobile app stores in recommending or searching apps. We found that their recommendation engine is not that effective so we decided to work on Appszito. Appszito wants to revolutionize mobile app search. – Team @ Appszito


Great story but can they deliver on it? In the end it is all about execution. How good is their “Relational Algorithm search platform”. Time will tell or you can tell us right now.

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