Wild Wild World? 7 Super Startups on WWW to your rescue

Here are 7 of the hottest and top new tech startups that promise to save the wild wild world using WWW (World Wide Web aka Internet). – SamaSource is a non-profit organization which connects tech workers from developing countries with companies looking to outsource IT & data entry jobs. For example, Silicon Valley startup Facebook outsources their testing to Ghana through SamaSource. By connecting local service partners with offshore clients, Samasource enables entrepreneurs, startups, and nonprofits on small budgets to focus on development while providing a lifeline that will grow the digerati of the developing nations. – Flat World Knowledge promotes social learning. A for-profit online repository that makes texts available for free but charges for study guides and bound copies. The site sells versions of academic textbooks in black and white or color, and markets printable PDFs of the books, so students can print them out for themselves. – CitySourced provides free, simple and intuitive mobile civic tool for citizens to report potholes, graffiti, garbage, tree removal, etc., to the local governing bodies. Their tool not only provides an opportunity for local government to use technology and save money but also allows the public to hold those in government accountable to their duties and responsibilities.

Uncle Sam (The US Govt) – Oddly, the US Government made into the list of top startups as well. Reason being their initiative as well as the Online Town Hall Meets driven by Aneesh Chopra, the Federal Chief Technology Officer of the United States. An Indo-American, he happens to be the first ever CTO in US govt. administration.

Atmospheric Water Systems – The makers of DewPointe DH9, a cool eco-innovation capable of extracting water vapor from the air and converting it to pure drinking water, at a rate of about 6.5 gallons/day. – A mobile crowdsourcing service that allows any company to send cell/mobile phone users simple tasks such as text translation in return for credits that can be used for phone service or redeemed for cash at special kiosks. – EnergyHub let’s you remotely control and monitor home appliances and compare your energy consumption with that of your friends and neighbors. By bringing Smart Grid technology to the home, EnergyHub offers another way for consumers to go green.

Those are the 7 top startups set out to change the world. Are there other Internet startups or Tech startups that should have made it into to the list?

Source: Huffington Post

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