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Collaborg develops collaboration software for organizations to help their communities discover & collaborate with pool of experts easily using in-built scheduling, voice, video and white-boarding tools. is its first product readying for launch and is a SaaS platform for anyone looking to manage, mentor & grow startup communities. It’s a discovery and collaboration platform that works by way of bringing startuphubs together. Here’s why.

Like any other entrepreneur you want to succeed. But success as you might have realized is not easy in the startup world.

Explaining this and why startuphubs work, Paul Graham says startups thrive in startup hubs and gives reasons why entrepreneurs should move to a startup hub. While that might sound unfair and migration is not always an easy thing for everyone, the fact is success (mostly, if not all the time) does depend on where you live, resources you have access to in that place or connections. In a way, it has been so since ages.

But if entrepreneurship is all about freedom, you as an entrepreneur must have the right to get unfettered access to startup resources from anywhere.

On the other hand, if you are a startup enabler – be it a mentor, investor, accelerator, service provider or anyone else who is truly passionate about helping startups, you also must have the right to make your services available across boundaries. Why limit your scope?

Sure, there are a few genuine individuals and organizations in different geographies striving to help entrepreneurs but their scope is limited and is not accessible to everyone, easily and efficiently. This has to change.

Our vision is to bridge the gap between startup communities by making them more visible and accessible to anyone anywhere.

Startup Hubs is working to create equal opportunity for startups and we’re just getting started. Please sign-up here for an invite to access your startup hub.

Thanks to a great team and all those who supported us in this journey so far.

Finally, cherish the freedom as you remember of the struggles and sacrifices which made it possible. Happy Independence Day.
Freedom and Independence

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