Calling all startups in and around Hyderabad

“I have this awesome startup idea but _____”

Fill in your dilemma in that blank above if you’re a startup founder or a wannabe entrepreneur.

In its decade plus of existence, came across many such dilemmas from starry eyed entrepreneurs and the count just keeps increasing with the ever growing interest in startups.

If one were to poll today, it could easily be seen that many individuals harbor thoughts of starting-up and striking success on their own. But the fact is a vast majority are clueless and don’t know where to start or how to navigate the challenges as an entrepreneur.

Anyone who has done or doing a startup would tell you that it is not a smooth ride. Every successful and not-so-successful startup journey is fraught with sharp twists and turns in all directions. Navigating is not at all easy as a lone start-up founder or even with couple more co-founders in tandem. Startups cannot be built in silos. They are not meant to be.

Magic happens only when you open up and tap into a support system. For startups, the first place to look for this support is their local startup communities – a challenge which we’re working on simplifying using technology. While technology has its merits, it is always good to get out of your home, comfort zone or where ever you’re currently cocooned into the real world to learn, foster new ideas, partnerships and embrace more opportunities.

Announcing, startups in Our Hub

Coworking space in HyderabadEmbracing this spirit, Our Hub, a brand new co-working space in Hyderabad will be hosting startups in the city during its inaugural event. The free event will be focused at bringing additional exposure (and hopefully help attract funding from interested investors) to startups in the area. So, if you’re a startup looking for more business or someone looking for opportunities in the hottest startups then here’s your chance.

This will be a limited capacity event. Sign-up early to confirm your spot and to be notified about the details. You can sign-up directly using the form below or at OurHub.

Startups attending this event will be featured here on as well. Remember, any publicity is good publicity and opportunity can knock from anywhere.

Magic happens when the COmmunity comes together.

Here’s one happy team coming together at OurHub to do the magic. Come, discover more.
Teams coworking at OurHub, Hyderabad

(Please post your press releases directly to appropriate exchange forum and submit startup events using the form.)
(If you are an amazing startup founder or enabler of startup eco-system in India or elsewhere and would like to be interviewed or featured on then please read this and this before you reach out)

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