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Many of us read entrepreneurial journeys and hear motivational talks to find inspiration, seek purpose & renew hope. While there are many books, events, conferences that bring this to the masses, TED talks have quickly grown into a paradigm shifting format to share and spread powerful thoughts.

Following its success, there are now several other derivatives such as TEDx, Google Talks etc. In India, while INKtalks set out to create a platform similar to TED, it now seems to have a competitor in form of Josh Talks. Here is a note from Akshita Mehta, Head of Content Strategy at Josh Talks.

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Josh TalksJosh Talks is a Delhi based start up focused on showcasing India’s most inspiring stories. We invite speakers from diverse backgrounds to one unique platform where they talk about their journey, highlighting the struggles and obstacles they overcame, to their true calling.

We have held three successful conferences in the Delhi NCR region, and another one on Bangalore over the last one year and now are looking to organize another successful event in Mumbai.

Included in this post is the video of Angad Nadkarni, Tech Entrepreneur, founder of ‘Examify’ a hugely successful predictive app for IIT JEE aspirants.

I’m sure you would appreciate and be inspired by the story of this hacker turned successful entrepreneur. Check out Josh Talks for more such talks.

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