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This is an announcement about Announcements, a thought that was born out of a need. Allow me to explain.

You probably have heard about all the craze with which startups in India are mushrooming and booming. Everyone in India, from students to new graduates, working professionals to entrepreneurial moms and several women in various sectors along-with newly weds & couples is starting up. Seeing the potential of these new age entrepreneurs, local investors to global hedge funds are pumping cash into these early stage entrepreneurial ventures and to capitalize the rush. It is literally raining money for Indian startups. All these with several other factors are fueling the growth of startups like never before. We see a new startup incubator popping up every other day promising to provide support infrastructure to these seed stage ideas and there is room for more.

Ok..that might have been a little overboard but the reality is startups in India are indeed witnessing hyper growth.

This wasn’t the case when launched a decade ago. For most in India, either a stable and cushy job at MNC or a ticket to higher education abroad was still the dream back then. But now, it is different or rather it is crazy, in a good way. Startups are the latest fad for young in India and there are ventures being ideated and launched round the clock to serve a market with billion plus population. Naturally, the number of startup founders who want to get the word out about their venture has increased dramatically.

So unlike a decade ago, my inbox is now seeing hockey stick growth. I see mails from wild and dreamy eyed entrepreneurs who want to get their voices heard and disrupt the world in their own way. While I generally direct them to the post on how to get featured, I realized it isn’t for those who are just looking for a quick mention and just want to announce their startup to the world. Being time crunched I also can’t work on detailed interviews all the time.

Here is what I decided to do. Any announcement request received directly from the founders will get posted immediately as long as it is clear and concise without all the marketing fluff. Make sure your mail focuses on the value proposition rather than listing and explaining every single feature in your product or service.

I’ll start reviewing all requests that meet these criteria and start posting them. You can always reach out anytime.

Of course, I’d continue to feature interviews with startup founders as detailed here.

This is a living document. Last updated: Nov 17th, 2015

(Please post your press releases directly to appropriate exchange forum and submit startup events using the form.)
(If you are an amazing startup founder or enabler of startup eco-system in India or elsewhere and would like to be interviewed or featured on then please read this and this before you reach out)

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