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The Fastest Growing Deals and Group Buying Website

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Company Background is the fastest growing deals and group buying website. A very exciting, exhilarating and a riveting concept undertaken by life imaginers are online deals that enable the holders to be entitled to discounts on the prices of some products or services unlimited number of times. Our customers have the prerogative of availing deals directly from our website thus ensuring a hassle free experience. Our company’s        website website deals in Food and Drink, Salon and Spa, Health and Fitness, Shopping and Products, Hotel and Travel, Education and Interest, Services and Events. 

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Launched in February 2016, is a riveting and an extremely exhilarating deals and group buying website that is committed to cater to the residents of tri-city.  Envisioned by mulling over the tri-city milieu it promises to render a steal on prices on select 8 categories ranging from food and drink, salon and spa, health and fitness, shopping and product, hotels and travels, education and interest to services and events and AD Outlets, activities that we go about in our daily lives. Associated with more than 500 places and merchants, ensures to appease the demands of both our customers and the participating outlets.

Specialties becomes one of the few deal sites to have embarked on an untrodden area of selling fruits, tiffins, virtual product  online shopping at wholesale rates. The oyster for is that a nominal coupon cost opens a world full of stupefying offers, value for money and their lucrative deals that will leave you asking for more. 

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