Behind this startup is a successful saggi gal

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She has been successful (read satisfied) at her previous job and was very happy with the way life has been treating her. But being a Sagittarius she wanted to see what more life has to offer and like most sagittarians who are truth-seekers, decided that the best way for her to seek out the answers in her quest is to first hit the road ... in this case she hit the road to entrepreneurship.

So, she gave up her successful job and sprung out of the comfort zone to launch her own startup "Criticat" which went live on July 30th. Criticat is a well executed platform where one can share their workplace experiences, rate employers and provide constructive feedback.

Read more about her entrepreneurial journey on her blog.

This successful saggi gal's "Life is Beautiful". She in fact plans to write a book with that very title in the near future and promises that it'd make everyone smile. You Will Make It Happen!!!

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