Behind every problem lies an Opportunity

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You do not have to look else where to find an idea for your startup. Look into your self. See what could be done better to improve productivity or what could be improved to better your life and the life of those around you. Then work on the solution.

Manish Arora is an entrepreneur who got this right. In this episode, he shares with us his personal experiences which inspired him to startup Learn how he he did it.

With families spreading across the globe, do you find it challenging to stay in touch with all you grew up with? As an NRI, it had always been a challenge to stay in touch with my family back home. This is true especially, after the birth of our two lovely sons, when life just got busier. My wife and I started losing track of the expanding family of our cousins back home and realized that lack of time & distance had created a major void in our life..

We were not alone with this problem and most folks who have moved away from their hometown / home country face the same challenge.

So true to the saying that, behind every problem lies an opportunity, we started working on an innovative solution that enages families in true collaboration using newer Web 2.0 concepts and technologies that evolved into

Kincafe is a family networking and social collaboration platform. Members build their family tree online and invite relatives to join and expand the tree. Kincafe makes it easier to share family treasures like photo albums, stories, recipes and birthdays using a very visual and simple use interface.

It enables true collaboration among all family members and engages them with latest happenings around the entire extended family and family friends. The service automatically digs latest updates, birthdays and anniversaries and gives it to users on fingertips.

Kincafe is highly secure - users decide what content is private and what is shared within one's own network or beyond.

Initial user response has been tremendous. We received many praises and some great feedback. We are building company that listens and responds to its users, and are committed to improving the service frequently based on what we hear from our users. We further strengthened our commitment to family collaboration recently with addition of an interactive family calendar that gets automatically personalized with the important names, dates and photos from one's family and friends network.

These days families are spread world over and many have forgotten even close relatives. Families can bridge this gap by adopting web 2.0 solutions like Kincafe and cherish one's own family. With that further generation may be able to understand more about their own family, its rich traditions, and joy of one's own tree.

Make your bonds stronger with Kincafe.

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