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  • S K Khushdil joined the group Group logo of LoungeLounge 1 year, 1 month ago

    • Well, I left a stable income two decades back to venture into something which had a lot of competition. Initially ofcourse there were problems for 5-6 years, it was credit business and money was not coming in time. Decided to filter the clientage, kept my patience, concentrated on A category customers, decided not to compete with anyone, do ethical business and do business within our means without any OD/loan etc. The decision I took two decades back is paying off and we are one of the most respected and leading players in the segment now.

      • @khushdil – Welcome to Startups.
        It will be both interesting and inspiring if you could share various other challenges you had, how you overcame those challenges and most importantly what kept you going. How did you make it work? Would you want to share your experiences through a guest post? I’d love to feature it.

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