What can startups learn from GVK?

by on January 18, 2014

Set out to build an iconic India

“In our greatest challenge, we find our greatest opportunity” – GVK

Every now and then, I come across things which gives me goosebumps. Not because they scare me but because those things instill loads of confidence and pride; confidence to dream big and the pride for being born in India.

When I read about the recent launch of India’s new iconic Terminal-2 in Mumbai’s airport (pictured above) by GVK group, I noticed there are several things one could learn from this project and from the big dreamers behind these conglomerates who make their dreams a reality.

Here are some of those learnings:

1. Dream beyond what is expected of you.
2. Achieve beyond what you dreamed.
3. Act on the dreams with open eyes and make them possible.
4. Reach for the stars despite constraints.
5. Differentiate yourself.
6. Don’t look for benchmarks, create benchmarks.

So, go ahead – Dream the impossible but work towards making the dream possible. It just needs determination and dedication. Rest will follow.

Don’t forget to watch this video on “Where Dreams Take Flight” narrated by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan.

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