What is Success?

What is Success?

by Naagon May 9, 2015

Falafel Factory Team

From launch to profitability in 3 months. Journey of Falafel Factory.

by Naagon April 22, 2015
“Easiest thing on earth is to come up with an idea. Hardest thing on earth is to put it down” (in reality). No one would know it better than entrepreneurs, the special breed of people who believe they can move mountains despite all odds. All wannabe entrepreneurs have loads of ideas but only a daring […]


Startup marketing

Getting featured. How to easily get onto Startups?

by Naagon April 17, 2015
Hello there, these guidelines are for those who either want to submit a guest post, be featured @ or have already reached out but are left wondering why is it taking so long to get published. This is to help understand the topics of interest to Startups and what can be done to get […]

Esha Kayan, Founder, BabysLocker

Unlocking Baby’s Locker

by Naagon March 27, 2015
We’ve heard it countless times. Rome (or even Taj Mahal for that matter) wasn’t built in a day. But what many don’t hear though is that startup successes don’t happen overnight as well. In-fact behind those successful startups are founders who have had their own share of struggles and drama. So, believe it when you […]


Jason Calacanis, LAUNCH Festival

They Dreamed. They Launched. Now, it’s your turn.

by Naagon March 18, 2015
LAUNCH is incredible. It seems way too good but believe me, it is every bit true. I can say so because I experienced it. Here is why I think so. Jason Calacanis, the man who needs no introduction and his team at LAUNCH have been putting together a phenomenal conference festival called LAUNCH for startups […]

Satish Medapati, Dinein

Checking in with MeDine’s Satish Medapati

by Naagon March 12, 2015
Over the last decade or so, I've had the privilege to converse with several entrepreneurs. I say it is a privilege because there is a lot one could learn from these risk takers irrespective of their venture's outcome and not every one gets an opportunity to do so. Thanks to all those who made it possible. In almost all cases, I noticed one key attribute which all successful entrepreneurs shared, i.e., appetence. You read that right, it is not competence but an appetite and a strong desire to be an outlier, to be different, to do something which others can only dream of and perhaps change the world in the process. Competence and other things might provide an unfair advantage but you can always balance the lack of it by finding a team that complements you. What you cannot ...