Startups in announcements

Startups in announcement

by Naagon June 7, 2015
This is an announcement about Announcements, a thought that was born out of a need. Allow me to explain. You probably have heard about all the craze with which startups in India are mushrooming and booming. Everyone in India, from students to new graduates, working professionals to entrepreneurial moms and several women in various sectors […]

About Migrera

To migrate is easy with Migrera

by Naagon June 30, 2015
Migrera, a Hyderabad based startup is trying to streamline the process of moving by way of helping individuals & businesses find reliable movers and packers. Migrera which in Swedish means “to migrate” wants to transform the moving industry and bring structure to it. Writes Kranthi Kumar (@kranthikumar), its Co-founder and Lead platform developer – Say […]


Harley Davidson Startup Garage

Co-work spaces. Makaan (shelter) and more for startups

by Naagon June 23, 2015
Roti, Kapda aur Makaan (Food, Clothing and Shelter). The necessities of everyday life. Elections were won and nations ruled by leaders promising these to gullible citizens. What does this have to do with startups? Ah, good! so, you’re focusing, processing and still reading here without drifting away. The point here being, startups too need proper […]

StoreWalk family photoshoot

Walk in to showcase your beautiful family

by Naagon June 23, 2015
Shopping can make you happy or sad. It can give you pain or pleasure. In all, the benefits of shopping outweigh harm. A walk to the store is just what you might need to look happy & healthy and a Bengaluru (Bangalore) based startup is on a mission to help you do so. It wants […]



Showcasing India’s zeal

by Naagon June 16, 2015
Many of us read entrepreneurial journeys and hear motivational talks to find inspiration, seek purpose & renew hope. While there are many books, events, conferences that bring this to the masses, TED talks have quickly grown into a paradigm shifting format to share and spread powerful thoughts. Following its success, there are now several other […]

The August Fest

India’s largest startup conference in Hyderabad

by Naagon June 10, 2015
Hyderabad is known for its world famous biryani and pearls. Besides the rich food and valuables, the city is also known for its history & hospitality. This HITEC and cosmopolitan city is now rapidly attracting startup talent to evolve into a startup hub. To promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and nurture this growing trend, events […]



Startup born to spread happiness

by Naagon June 10, 2015
I am Akash, one of the co-founders of PunGraffiti. We sell T-shirts primarily for the youth and help spread happiness & bring smiles using our creative ideas. It has been a couple of weeks since we launched and we have got a very encouraging response and impressive feedback from our buyers. We have been featured […]