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Startup Pitch: Pre-rented property as an investment

by Girish Mehtaon January 30, 2016 Location: Delhi Stage: Generating Revenues Property as an Investment, RentedPropertyWale, your answer to financial worries Something exciting is brewing in the niche, property as an investment space. Off late there are many websites that are either helping you rent or purchase a property or guide you through managing your finances better. Here comes a […]

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Coworking space in Hyderabad for creators and creative minds to startup and succeed

Simplifying Lives

Startup Pitch: one stop solution for government related documentation

by itzeazyon January 3, 2016 Location: Delhi Stage: Generating Revenues New that itzeazy do : ———————- is a 24×7 service providing company in the area of Government documentation. Itzeazy is making the life of people easier by providing them an option to shift their worries related to Government documents like passport, RTO, Marriage certificate etc. to experienced and […]

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Happy New Year Startups

Happy 2016. Future is startups. Startups are the future.

by Naagon December 31, 2015
Happy 2016 Writing about startups is one thing and living it is a completely different thing. Though I’ve been writing here @ for a while (and as time permits) but ever since I started living my own dream(s), I’ve come to realize and now can relate more closely to what startups are all about. […]

Team Aasaan

Startup Pitch: Aasaan – Making User’s & Vendor’s Life aasaan

by Aasaan - Personal Assistanton December 23, 2015
Aasaan Location: Mumbai Stage: Growth/Scale AASAAN, a transaction driven discovery platform for products and services. User can order all there needs at one go at one App, just on chat. Unlike, other e-commerce solutions, Aasaan app aims at empowering the local vendor’s and increasing their sales once again. It does so by providing its customer […]

tech for non-tech cofounders

Tech for non-tech cofounders

by Naagon December 1, 2015
An event for startup enthusiasts and non-tech cofounders interested in technology. Innovators, disruptors are everywhere and all around us – not just in few exclusive and elusive silicon valleys of the world. Building a thriving startuphub would mean being inclusive by bringing together everyone in the startup community. Startups are not just about building a […]

Startup lawyer in India

Startup Lawyer: 5 simple things startups could do to avoid expensive litigation

by Nitish Bankaon November 30, 2015
In recent times, we have been seeing several high and low profile startups ending up in courts disputing and tarnishing reputation. The recent case being that of TVF pitchers, fighting for equity stake in the company. Here are 5 quick tips startups can use to avoid costly litigations. 1. Have a Legal Agreement A startup […]