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by Naagon November 2, 2014
Technology is changing the world, in a very big way. It is now influencing almost every aspect of life and will continue to do even more so as we move forward. While it helped streamline and simplify several aspects of life, there still are multiple challenges to be solved in several sectors and in multiple […]

Sunil Bhargava, Founder & Partner - Tandem Capital

Sunil Bhargava – The investor who invests something more valuable than dollars

by Naagon October 26, 2014
  I believe one can either learn from self-experience or the experienced. Nothing would beat the first-hand experience but it comes at a price and needless to say is going to be extremely time consuming. Learning from the experienced is the next wisest thing to do and I had the privilege to do the same […]


Saurin Shah, CEO @ Sift Shopping

Saurin Shah on Sift Shopping, Startups and Silicon Valley

by Naagon September 30, 2014
  A serial entrepreneur who has been interested in entrepreneurship right from the school, Saurin Shah packs a punch with great startup advice drawn from his own experiences. He is currently the CEO and Co-founder @ Sift Shopping. I recently had an interesting conversation with him at Plug and Play Tech Center, a startup accelerator […]

Startups at CIE, IIIT, Hyderabad

Startups say – Aisa aur kahaan, sirf CIE mein (Where else, only in CIE)

by Naagon February 28, 2014
  I re-visited the International Institute of Information Technology campus in Hyderabad (IIITH), the home to Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) as a follow-up to my earlier encounter with its chief and as part of my continuing coverage of startups and startup ecosystem in Hyderabad. After I headed home from that meeting and as […]


Srinivas Kollipara

Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Hyderabad

by Naagon February 18, 2014
  The International Institute of Information Technology, established during the end of the last century is one of the leading institutes of this century in India. It is an autonomous university located in Hyderabad, the capital city of south Indian state(s) of Andhra Pradesh (and to-be formed Telangana). The institute is also home to Centre […]


Helping startups succeed Globally

by Naagon February 16, 2014
Hedge-Square is a boutique consultancy firm that helps startups go global. Specifically, they help startups incorporate globally and expand into other markets. The firm handles all the legal, financial compliance, and corporate management advisory which a business would need to startup in any country or domestic region. Hemant Shah, the young Founder & CEO of […]