Startup success

State of Startups

by Naagon December 22, 2014
It is almost year end and to re-cap, while I don’t have much to complain about my work at our new venture, I see there is lot more that I need to do and deliver with respect to Startups. Especially, being prompt with handling all the incoming requests and doing justice to each one of […]

Subhrajit Das, Mukul Gupta, Pushpal Mazumder and Vipul Gupta

The journey from $325 to $2000000

by Naagon January 13, 2015
The bigger the risk, the higher the rewards. This is very true, even more so in the case of startups. Startups don’t guarantee success. In fact, statistics say that more than 90% startups fail. So, entrepreneurs who risk everything to pursue a startup idea are a rare breed. It helps to know about them and […]


Rahul_M_Jacob & Genoveva_Galarz

Rahul Jacob, Co-Founder of rideIT on their car-pooling service

by Naagon December 31, 2014
For better or worse, technology is changing the face of India and our everyday lives. That’s a fact. Be it the way we shop, transact, socialize, network, learn or educate ourselves; nearly every facet of our everyday life is changing rapidly. Like it or not, technology is going to creep into many more areas. One […]

ShortFundly – Platform for shortfilms

by Naagon December 28, 2014
Shortfilms are all the rage now. It is the new fad. These have become excellent channels for anyone equipped with DSLRs and low cost cameras to showcase their talent and in some cases get the limelight. Catering to this ever growing shortfilm audience and film-makers are several sites dedicated to promote short films. Shortfundly is […]


Accelerator of Things

BuildIt for (hardware startups in) You

by Naagon December 22, 2014
Are you a hardware startup focused on Consumer Electronics, Wearable devices, Robotics. Are you working on products in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle aka drones? Are you tired of me-too accelerators which seem to lack focus and have launched an “incubator / accelerator” because that seems to be the […] Team

TheHouseMonk – Dedicated to easing Home buying & renting process

by Naagon November 2, 2014
Technology is changing the world, in a very big way. It is now influencing almost every aspect of life and will continue to do even more so as we move forward. While it helped streamline and simplify several aspects of life, there still are multiple challenges to be solved in several sectors and in multiple […]