Startups in announcements

Startups in announcement

by Naagon June 7, 2015
This is an announcement about Announcements, a thought that was born out of a need. Allow me to explain. You probably have heard about all the craze with which startups in India are mushrooming and booming. Everyone in India, from students to new graduates, working professionals to entrepreneurial moms and several women in various sectors […]

Got your message. I just didn’t see it. My bad.

by Naagon July 29, 2015
Apologies to all those who have messaged me using the contact form in the last couple months and haven’t received a response. While the system did receive all messages, it just didn’t feel like forwarding them to me. Perhaps, it wanted me to take a break. Silly jokes aside, it was a terrible thing to […]


The Entrepreneur

Pitch @ The Entrepreneurial Playground

by Naagon July 29, 2015
For early stage startups, here is your 10 minute chance to showcase & pitch your idea, concept or venture and secure up to 2 million INR in funding. Check out the event page for details. About Rosh Capital Rosh Capital has been established to partner with young entrepreneurs and businesses in their desire to succeed […]

The Migrera team

Magic behind Migrera

by Naagon July 19, 2015
Building startups is magical. It is an indescribable joy. For spectators, it seems mystical and mysterious. The hardwork that goes into making it possible is something which only an entrepreneur knows. While I’ve followed the startup spectacle for the past many years and tried documenting startup experiences in third person as a spectator, I’m now […]


Baahubali, the movie

5 lessons from the successful IPO of India’s most expensive movie, Baahubali

by Naagon July 10, 2015
Directed by Koduri Srisaila Sri Rajamouli, popularly known as S. S. Rajamouli, Baahubali is the most expensive film ever made in the history of Indian cinema with a budget of 160 crore rupees (~USD 25 million). The IPO (or rather debut) of the movie today has exceeded expectations and is poised to become the biggest […]

My Pit Stop makes your cars squeaky clean and shine

by Naagon July 8, 2015
If you love your car, you’ll love the steamy mypitstop. That’s apparently the essence of the services provided by this startup, an idea for which was born in “God’s own country” and borne ironically in the “City of dreams“. Here is an interview with Rohit Mathur (@rohitmathur9) who provides insights into how the idea turned […]


MyCollegeAdda for your college needs

by Naagon July 7, 2015
With Internet in India fast becoming a common household utility, we’re starting to see a host of web applications being launched at a record pace to help find everything and anything under the sun. While the number of startups in e-commerce, collaborative consumption & sharing economy (in form or the other) since the dawn of […]