Startups in announcements

Startups in announcement

by Naagon June 7, 2015
Update: You can now use Startups in Showcase to submit your pitch. Do follow the rules listed over at that page as well as guidelines mentioned here. This is an announcement about Announcements, a thought that was born out of a need. Allow me to explain. You probably have heard about all the craze with […]

Startup USP

GPS for your startup

by Naagon September 1, 2015
Ever wished there is some one to help triangulate the position of your business and guide your early stage startup? Now, there is a book that promises to do just that. Authored by Thomason Rajan (@artic69) , a marketing faculty and a consultant based in Bangalore, “Your Startup Story” strives to be a story book […]


OyeHappy’s business is to make you happy, literally

by Naagon August 30, 2015
Do you know what defines an entrepreneur? I believe it’s the ability to create their own opportunities by doing things they truly care about by investing their life. While those things might seem crazy, they take pride in taking the road less traveled and then paving way for others to follow. The multi-billion dollar Twitter […]; fulfilling our social responsibility.

Startup Pitch: Looking forward for a Greener future!

by Samir Shahon August 29, 2015
WISH A TREE Location: Mumbai Stage: Growth/Scale Wish A Tree is an environmental startup with prime focus of increasing the green cover of our region by growing more trees. In order to encourage people to plant more trees and also to increase awareness about our depleting natural resources we have come up with a path […]



Startup Pitch: DuPlay helps you swipe fast and make buddies even faster.

by Manasi Sohonion August 26, 2015 Location: Jaipur Stage: Generating Revenues Interested in football but nobody to watch it with, how about books but can’t discuss them with anyone. All of us are on the lookout for like-minded buddies to share our likes and passions with. Introducing Duplay – a smart and one-of-a-kind social app, that helps you to explore […]

Kailash Nichani & Devesh Nichani wants to disrupt the overpriced eyewear industry

by Naagon August 26, 2015
Ever wondered what makes startups disruptive and turns entrepreneurs into change makers? It’s their ability to think how things around us can be made much better and then battle against all odds to realize their hard to achieve vision to benefit the masses. Speaking of vision, here’s a look into Glassic as seen by its […]


Tooler Team

Tooler services your home or office

by Naagon August 23, 2015
What makes Tooler special besides providing home and office services at your doorstep on demand? For starters, I think it is their awesome team. I do believe that more than anything else it is the team that makes or breaks startups and Tooler team has the right ones. Sukanth Srivastav (@iamsukanth), a co-founder talks about […]